The Art of Simon Lee

"To call Simon Lee a living legend would be a monstrous understatement of the century. His work blurs the impossible line between modern and timeless. You can gaze at his work and effortlessly see the life that exists within. He was a key figure for me while making KONG: SKULL ISLAND. I was constantly trying to push myself and push the design boundaries of the film, as I followed my personal true north of 'elevating beyond expectation'. That movie would not be what it is without the elegance and originality of Simon's mind.

I am thankful to have since collaborated with him on a new creature design for a project I cannot yet reveal - but during that process - his approach and overall brilliance was only made more vividly clear. Not only does Simon infuse emotion and soul into conjuring cinematic magic through clay, but he does it in a way that constantly makes the professional and fanboy within me fill with awe. Simon is able to channel his intellect and instinct through his hands into a tactile medium and create designs that rival anything that could be done with the most bleeding edge computers. His designs and sculptures are in and of"

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director & producer
Gundam (Netflix), Metal Gear Solid, Kong: Skull Island

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