The Art of Simon Lee


4 Saturdays, at Simon's studio in Alhambra, CA 91803! 10/22, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12 (4 Saturdays!)

Instructor: Simon Lee

After a nearly 3-year hiatus, our in-person class has finally returned! Learn from Simon Lee in-person at his studio in Alhmabra, CA 91803. Space is highly limited. Enroll now!

This is a combination of both the CORE & CREATURE DESIGN class materials. Simon will use either clay sculpting or Zbrush for class lecture, & students may use either digital or clay sculpting for this class.

Suitable for artists of all levels, especailly if you want to improve dynamic movement, gestural & fluid design , & overall composition in your work.

Our class is designed to give you a complete overview of Simon's unique character design and sculpting workflow. If you want to learn from one of Hollywood's top creature designers and arguably one of the best in the world on dynamic sculptures, this is your chance! Whether you're a digital sculptor, a traditional sculptor, an illustrator, or a hobbyist, this class will show you a new way of character concept development that can benefit you in many ways.

Class Structure:

Classes will be held every Saturday for 4 Saturdays from 10am-2pm. We DO NOT break for lunch & we DO NOT supply snacks.
Location: Simon's studio in Alhambra, CA 91803 (10 minutes away from Gallery Nucleus)

Class Policy: Materials and tools:
  • Simon will discuss the types of tools and clay he uses but you can use your own tools and clay.
Note to international students:
  • This class will be conducted in English
Prior Sculpting Experience:
  • Prior traditional sculpting experience will help but is NOT required. If you draw or sculpt digitally and have some basic knowledge on human anatomy, you will do fine in this class. Simon will adjust his teaching based on each student's skill level.

Tuition: $700

Cancellation / Refund Policy

NOTE: Should class quota be met when you made your payment, your fees can either be refunded to you in full or deferred to the next class/workshop offering at your discretion. However, if spacing is available when you made your payment then the fees become non-refundable and can only be deferred to future class / workshop / product purchase should you be unable to attend. All outstanding credits must be redeemed within 4 months from payment date.

COVID or OTHER INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Use common sense. If you're sick, stay away or wear a mask! Should any in-person class students be unable to attend due to health reasons, please contact us before class start time and you will get access to the corresponding ONLINE CORE CLASS material for that week instead.

Please read our full policy carefully before enrolling.

Should Simon need to cancel any or all of the sessions for whatever reason, your full or remaining balance will be refunded to you accordingly.

Upon payment receipt, we will confirm your payment/registration via email. Due to high popularity of our classes, your payment does not guaranteed a seat in the class. You will need email confirmation from us. In such event that we cannot accomodate you, your payment will be refunded to you in full.

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